I feel grateful !

Juin / 10

I feel grateful !


I believe for years that things happen in my life the way I thought about them and because I attracted them with or without awareness. That is I imagine why I put my interest in Dr. Joe’s Dispense books. Reading his words I felt more that ever that gratefulness helps me to live a more purposeful life.

Yesterday Helen Terry, one of the most inspiring women and Nia trainer I know, came to my studio. During the class she gave I received what I could call grace. I felt that I was there dancing and managing my studio because there was a meaning for this to happen. In fact I wanted to find a meaning and I did. People could say there’s no meaning for life. And I did felt like that two weeks ago. Today I want to have meaning in my life.

Do you know mind movies ? I made one a few weeks ago. I am grateful for all the opportunities I had in my life and all the wonderful persons I met and whom I cross the road everyday. I am grateful towards my ex-husband for giving us the wonderful child life has lent to us.

In the memory of my special Emily, Yoann and the other two light beings who shared my inner world for a few months or weeks and whom energy I feel with me in the intense and miraculous moments of my life.